Using Load Boards to Search for Loads or Freight

Published Feb 10, 2023, 12:43:56 PM UTC
by Phil Lumbroso
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Load boards are online platforms that connect trucking companies with shippers looking to transport their goods. They allow trucking companies to search for loads or freight that match their equipment, route, and schedule, helping them to maximize their utilization and revenue.

Load boards provide real-time information on available loads, including the origin, destination, type of cargo, payment, and other important details. This allows trucking companies to quickly find loads that match their requirements and make informed decisions about which loads to accept.

One of the major benefits of using load boards is that they provide access to a large pool of potential customers, reducing the time and effort required to find new business. Load boards also help to reduce the number of empty miles traveled by trucks, as trucking companies can find loads to fill their equipment on their return trip.

In addition to searching for loads, load boards also provide valuable tools and resources to help trucking companies manage their operations, including route planning, load tracking, invoicing, and payment processing. This can help to streamline the process of finding, accepting, and delivering loads, improving efficiency and profitability.