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How Load Boards Work

A truck load board is an online freight matching service. A shipper or broker posts the load details of available freight they need transported, including any special information and the necessary equipment to move it. Rates and payment specifications are established prior to the carrier accepting the load. The shipper or broker might locate a carrier listed on the platform, or the carrier may respond to the request.

The Benefits of Using a Free Load Board for Shippers, Brokers and Carriers

There are a number of benefits for all parties opting to use a free load board:

  • Owner/operators just starting out don't have to pay out-of-pocket costs to see available loads.
  • Truck load boards reduce deadhead miles, keeping trucks moving.
  • Qualified carriers might be able to negotiate better rates after viewing current rates and lane density.
  • Shippers and freight brokers benefit from load posting because it exposes them to more qualified and reliable carriers without any additional costs or load board subscription fees.

As a leader in load board solutions since 1998, offers a reliable way for freight brokers, shippers and qualified carriers to connect and get business done more efficiently.

The Benefits of FreightFinder's Free Load Board

Shippers, brokers, and carriers receive immediate access once you register.

  • You receive your own free load board database.
  • A link is included on your web pages and emails that lists your available trucks and load details, in addition to your company and contact information.
  • You create a web presence even if you don't have your own website.
  • We take care of all web maintenance, automatically updating the database as you add, change or delete load postings.

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FreightFinder provides you with the personalized service and load board solutions you need to connect with others in the trucking industry throughout North America, including the shippers, brokers or carriers that keep freight moving.

If you haven't yet created a website, simply use the provided load board URL to connect. Alternatively, you have the option to create a hyperlink with the URL and add it to your web page. Some load board members also like to add one of the provided banners to their web pages for greater visibility.

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