Get Started With LoadBoardNetwork

Follow these LoadBoardNetwork setup instructions and you'll be posting your own trucks and loads in no time:

  1. If you have not yet downloaded LoadBoardNetwork, go to the LoadBoardNetwork website to obtain it for free with your 30-day free trial.
  2. Once you have downloaded and activated LoadBoardNetwork, from the "start page", Click "setup".
  3. Launch the LoadBoardNetwork software.
  4. You should now see the expanded menu. If you do not, then click "setup".
  5. If you intend to post loads, make sure "Load sites" is highlighted. For truck posting, select "Truck sites". (If you need to post both loads and trucks, please see #10 below.)
  6. Scroll to and highlight "".
  7. Click "activate site" at the top/center of the LoadBoardNetwork screen.
  8. Click the "Create account" button at the center of your screen.
  9. You should now see Freightfinder listed in the "active sites" section of the screen, along with your account ID and password.
  10. If you need to post loads AND trucks, follow the load posting instructions above. Once your load posting account is created:
    1. Mark down the Account ID and password displayed to the right of your load posting account
    2. Click "truck sites" from the expanded menu
    3. Scroll to and highlight ""
    4. Click: the "activate site" at the top/center of the LoadBoardNetwork screen
    5. Enter the account ID and password in the "I have an account" section of the screen, then click OK. Your account should now allow both truck and load posting.

If you encounter any trouble/problems with the LoadBoardNetwork setup, call them directly at: 701-645-3252.